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Pictures from the
L'Heureux Reunion 1998

Picture Contents
85349_09 Left to right: Jean-Claude L'Heureux (#11), Madeleine Juteau-L'Heureux, George and Lee Erkes (#24), Charleen Roa (#37), Robert L'Heureux (#4), Maryann L'Heureux (wife of Jacques L'heureux) and Louise L'Heureux (sister of Jacques L'heureux (#1)). Sitting at the table to the right are Michael L'Heureux (#41) and his girlfriend, Margot Roth.
85349_10 Four weeks old Eric L'Heureux (August 16) with his proud parents Yves L'Heureux and Cindy Desouza. Yves is the son of Roger L'Heureux and Thérèse Lagrenade. Roger passed away on August 4 at the age of 80, 12 days before the birth of his grandson. Roger's three brothers were in attendance (see below).
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85349_11 Eighty two years old Jacques L'Heureux was the oldest L'Heureux in attendance. He is the son of Joseph L'Heureux and Joséphine Lafrance. His two brothers, Lucien and Jean, seventy nine and seventy eight years old respectively were also in attendance. 

For those interested, he is from the branch of Pierre Lereau.

85349_13 Attendees socializing around outside the sugar shack.
85349_15 Left to right, Lyne L'Heureux (Jocelyn's sister), Suzanne Allaire-L'Heureux, Marcel L'Heureux (Jocelyn's mother and father), Helena  Vincent-L'Heureux  and Jocelyn L'Heureux (#22).
85349_18 Left to right, Charleen Roa, Louise L'Heureux, Robert l'Heureux and Maryann L'Heureux.
85349_19 Maple taffy being served on ice outside.
85349_20 Maryann L'Heureux and Lee Gerkes by the maple taffy table.
85349_21 Attendees socializing around outside the sugar shack.

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Last updated: September 15, 2002
Photos by Jacques L'Heureux