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L'HEUREUX Genealogy
Mailing Lists

The LHEUREUX-L Mailing List (MAIL Mode)

I have created a Mailing List for all Internet users interested in the Descendants of Simon Lereau dit L'Heureux, born in France and the ancestor of most of the L'Heureux in America. It resides on  RootsWeb. I am the List Administrator and a RootsWeb Sponsor. 

If you are unfamiliar with the concept of a mailing list, the idea is that once you subscribe, all messages sent to LHEUREUX-L@rootsweb.com will be automatically sent to all people who have subscribed (including you). 

If you are ready to subscribe and to send a test message, see the related links at the bottom of this page. 

The LHEUREUX-D Mailing List (DIGEST Mode)

The same list also exists in DIGEST mode where several posts are batched together and then sent to the subscribers as a single message. Digests produce less clutter in your mailbox, but replying to an individual message may require a little extra effort. I have configured my list so that you will receive one message per 24 hours or when the sum of the messages is 40K in size, whichever comes first. 

Whether you subscribed to the L or to the D version of the list, all messages must be sent to LHEUREUX-L@rootsweb.com

If you are ready to subscribe and to send a test message, see the related links at the bottom of this page. 

List Etiquette:

  • Messages may be posted in French or in English. English is understood by 95% of the subscribers and is the preferred language. A translation would be a nice touch.
  • Messages should be of a general nature like research questions and answers or an announcement of a new site that you have found interesting.
  • Messages directed to a single individual (like me) should not be sent to the list
  • It is perfectly acceptable to subscribe to the list even if you never expect to send a message. The hope is that one day you may have the answer to someone's question and your answer will be invaluable.
  • Messages larger than 20 KB will be refused. So will messages in HTML format. Do not use this list to circulate picture files or GEDCOMs.

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Send your comments and suggestions to Jacques L'Heureux.
Last modified: August 27, 2005