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Genographic Project


Summary Results

In 2008, one of my cousins, an eight grandson of Simon Lereau, participated in the Genographic Project of the National Geographic and has been kind enough to let me share the results with you.

His Y-chromosome was subjected to DNA testing and found to be in the Haplogroup R1b (M343) (Subclade R1b1a2, M269) and a report was issued explaining the meaning of the markers found:

M168 > P143 > M89 > L15 > M9 > M45 > M207 > M173 > M343

Since Y chromosomes are passed from father to sons, our ancestor Simon Lereau would have belonged to the same group and so would be all of his male descendants. So although this report was written for a single individual, it also applies to you if you are a direct male descendant of Simon Lereau.

The report goes on to say that our ancestry goes back as follows:

  • Our earliest ancestor was in Africa roughly 50,000 years ago (M168)
  • Around 45,000 years ago, moved through the Middle East (M89)
  • Around 40,000 years ago, moved to Iran or Southern Central Asia (M9)
  • Around 35,000 years ago, moved through Central Asia (M45)
  • Left Central Asia around 30,000 years ago (M207)
  • Around 30,000 years ago, colonized Europe - The First Modern Europeans (M173)
  • Becoming Direct Descendants of Cro-Magnon spreading across Western Europe (M343)

This makes you a direct descendant of the people who dominated the human expansion into Europe, the Cro-Magon, the same people responsible for the famous cave paintings found in Southern France.

For additional details, see the Full Report.

Map showing the migration routes.

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