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PC-Virus (1993-2006)
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My name is PC-Virus and I am a Maine Coon.  I was adopted by Jacques and Maryann in July of 1993, having been born in Maryland at the house of Dave Clements, a friend of the family. I went to cat Heaven in 2006. 

My breed is one of the oldest natural breeds in North America and is generally regarded as a native of the state of Maine (in fact, the Maine Coon is the official Maine State Cat). A number of attractive legends surround its origin.  Most breeders today believe that the breed originated in matings between pre-existing short haired domestic cats and overseas longhairs (perhaps Angora types introduced by New England seamen, or longhairs brought to America by the Vikings). If you are interested in my breed, please visit the Cat Fanciers website and the Maine Coon FAQ website

My parents were Maine Coons, although neither have their papers to prove it. They were however both from Maine, if that counts for anything. Volante got her name after she flew with her owner from Maine to Elkton, Md. "Tiny" was named tongue-in-cheek knowing he'd be pretty big. 
Tiny - My Father
Volante - My Mother
My sister KC was adopted by a friend of Maryann. KC lives in Annapolis, Maryland with Tessy-Mae who loves her like a sister. See for yourself on the right. KC with Tessy-Mae
KC - My Sister with her friend Tessy-Mae
PC chasing the screen-saver
Where did that mouse go?
I was named PC, short for PC-Virus, because when I was small, I would jump on Jacques' computer table and while chasing the screen saver dancing on the screen, I walked all over the keyboard and inadvertently started some programs. A keyboard password had to be set-up to prevent me from doing this again. 

At left and below are pictures of me chasing the screen saver and resting on the mouse pad by the keyboard afterward.

The intellectual
Ready to compute?
Tired of computing
I like this mouse pad - kind of soft.
These two pictures of me were taken shortly after I was adopted. I was so cute that my adoptive humans could not control themselves with their camera.  Posing in the stairsThe Hallmark cat
Now I am all grown up and I weight 14 pounds. Here are some more recent pictures of me.
On the deckOn the balconyOn the stairs

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