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Our Children

Together Maryann and I have 5 children and fifteen grandchildren (including a grand-daughter that passed away a few days after birth and four step grandchildren). Four of the children live in the Midwest and one (Lisa) is in the Pacific Northwest.

Six of the fourteen living grandchildren are from Jacques' three daughters. Below is a somewhat old picture (1998) which includes the six grandsons with their mothers. From left to right, Ingrid with Bryan and Jacob (the youngest), Elizabeth with Madison and Spencer, and Valérie with Nicholas and Bradley (the oldest).

Summer 1998

Three other grandchildren are the children of Karl, Maryann's son. Karl is married to Michelle Hagan. They have three children, Max, Elise and Erik and live in Arlington Heights, Illinois.

Karl and Max
July 2002

Elise - November 2004

Michelle and Erik
May 2005
Maryann also has a daughter Lisa who lives in Portland, Oregon. She is the host of a monthly variety show and plays violin in an Old-Time string band.

May 2004

August 2001

At left is a picture of Jacques's daughter Elizabeth with her husband Andy Baer and their two children, Spencer and Madison. They live in St-Louis, Missouri.

At right is a picture of Ingrid, Jacques' second daughter with her two children, Jacob and Bryan. She recently remarried and gained a son Breandan and a daughter Bryanna from her husband, Kelley McClure. And on 3 Sep 2009, Aidan Sean McClure was born. They live in Geneva, Illinois.

August 2001

September 2002

At left is Jacques youngest daughter Valerie with her husband, Mike Jacobson. With them are Valerie's sons, Bradley and Nicholas and Mike's two daughters, Brittany and Nicole. They live in Frankfort, Illinois.

If you would like to contact any of our children, send me an email and I will pass it on to them.

We also have much more information and pictures in a password protected part of this website. If you have the password, use the link on the left below. If you know us, click on the link at right below and I will send you the password.

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